Previous Companies

The Cambridge Investors team has a long history of starting and building sustainable businesses.

key Homes, LLC

Key Homes was formed in 1994 by Scott R. Jacobson and Thomas E. Purther. Key Homes was a builder of affordable single family homes throughout metro Detroit. The company grew quickly to sales in excess of $25 million per year. The company was sold to a local builder in 2004 and marked our successful exit from the residential construction business.

United Capital Financial, LLC

Founded by Christopher L. Blain, Thomas E. Purther and Scott R. Jacobson in 1996 as a residential lender. The company grew quickly to annual volume in excess of $250 million and was sold to Paramount Bank of Michigan in 1998.  This newly created division of Paramount Bank was the main earnings generator of the bank from its founding in 1998 to its eventual sale in 2010.  The division was sold to another community bank in 2010 and continues to thrive today.

Global Commercial Credit, LLC

Founded by Christopher L. Blain, Thomas E. Purther, Scott R. Jacobson, Craig Bonnell and Victor Sandy in 1996 and quickly became the premier specialty broker of domestic and export credit insurance in the US.  Premier provider of support and guidance of accounts receivable insurance.  The company was sold in 2005 to the management team.

Paramount Bank of Michigan

Paramount Bank was formed in 1998, as part of a wave of new banks that were formed in the late 1990’s. Paramount Bank was a full service commercial bank with branches and loan production offices throughout Metro Detroit. Paramount Bank grew to profitability in a record 12 months and grew steadily from there. Paramount Bank consistently ranked in the top 1% of community commercial banks throughout the US in return on equity (ROE). Paramount Bank was primarily involved in commercial real estate lending and residential lending. The bank generated loan volume in excess of $5 billion and assets of $400 million. The residential loan team was the original impetus for the bank and is still thriving today intact as a division of another local community bank.

Key Title, LLC

Key Title was formed in 1995 and became a subsidiary of Paramount Bank in 1998. Key Title was a full service title agency operating throughout the US. Key Title provided all the services necessary to insure clear title for residential and commercial real estate.

Paramount Bank of Nevada

Paramount Bank of Nevada was a newly chartered community bank headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. One of only 29 banks in Nevada, Paramount Bank quickly became the premier community bank in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. The bank was sold in 2008.